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Can I take the test in Missouri if I reside in another state?

Yes. However, we recommend talking to your local DMV to make sure that your state will issue you a license based on completed skills test in Missouri.

What can I do to prepare for the test?

Read through the following sections in your CDL manual
    – Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Test (Section 11 in MO CDL Manual)
    – Basic Vehicle Control Skills Test (Section 12 in MO CDL Manual)
    – On-Road Driving (Section 13 in MO CDL Manual)

What is the process for getting my CDL?

1. Pass the CDL written test – If you want a class A license with air brakes and a manual transmission, you need to take the general knowledge test (Section 2 in MO CDL Manual), the combination vehicle test (Section 5 in MO CDL Manual), and the air brake test (Section 6 in MO CDL Manual).
2. Obtain your CDL permit
3. Wait the mandatory 14 days before taking the skills test
4. Pass the CDL skills test
5. Obtain your Commercial Drivers License

Do I need to have my DOT physical completed prior to taking the written test or skills test?


Is there a minimum age for obtaining a CDL?

In the state of Missouri, you must be 18 years old before you can obtain your CDL. However, you can drive only within the state until you are 21 years old. We recommend talking to your local DMV for laws specific to your state.